Farmers – Land passion on stage

FARMERS – LAND PASSION ON STAGE – is an artistic project by Ivan Manzoni, choreographer of the Materiali Resistenti Dance Factory theatre company, well known worldwide for the 2millions audience ‘WATERWALL’ theatre show. The central theme of the show is a traditional farmstead, represented and shown as a house, workplace, food production unit and centre of the entire country life.
A contemporary style is chosen to bring the past back to life: performers become reckless farmers and their daily life turns into an adventure through choreography, lights, video projections, sound, music. The passing of time and the alternating seasons mark the rhythm of the performance. The typical places, moments, and elements of life in the country are the main components of the dramaturgical structure: sowing, cooking, utensils, reaping, celebration, flowers, the farmyard, the shed, and harvest.

Farmers is not limited to telling the story of food production inside the farmstead, it recreates an atmosphere of warmth and sharing typical of meals consumed in a group, like large open-air gatherings or celebrations where friends and family reunite around a meal. The convivial spirit on the scene generates a choreographic crescendo that ends up engaging the spectators.